Monday, November 23, 2009

Breakfast and Candies

Top: The front desk had these yummy candies that James and I gobbled up every day. Below: I miss eating fresh mangoes every morning.

Day 5 Morning Tai Chi

BK was in China with us

Chinese Dinner

After being on the ship for 11 days, we really got to know the staff well. Above: Tina and Beth with my mom and my weirdo looking face. Below: In the beginning James kept getting two of the waiters confused, because, "they looked so much alike." Ken is showing off his name tag to prove he's not Mark.

Leaving Chizhou, Sailing to Jiu Jiang

Chinese English

Back to the Dock

Continuing on Our Way

Stopping to See Rice Crops

Heading Back to the Ship

Driving down the winding road to the bottom of the mountain.

Leaving Mt. Jiu Hua

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mt. Jiu Hua

With the little Chinese James knew and his silly ways, he always managed to have the shopkeepers cracking up.

Mt. Jiu Hua

Mt. Jiu Hua

Mt. Jiu Hua

Mt. Jiu Hua